Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Shoes goes to the Martinez Marina

A few weekends ago, my roomies and I decided to take a nice stroll to the downtown Marina. It was pretty cold, yet interesting. Before my camera died...ya I didnt check the battery before I left....I snapped some pics. Also, i used a mini-polaroid camera too. Enjoy, I know I did.

fish scales

Here comes the sun


.Red Shoes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"So, Red Shoes walks into a bar..."

January 4th... and 5th...2010

So Red Shows ventures to San Francisco for the day with the Cajun.
I'm gonna be honest, Red pretty much hates the city. Its not all the bums, the cars, or the rich snobs; its just ALL the people, they make Red a bit nervous. And the BART train. Especially after the sun goes down. But Cajun knows Red's weakness-Cupcakes and Shoes! It was a good time had by all. Shopping, lunch, cupcakes, and yes, shoes. Red fell in love, with Teal Heel. Some might say, it was an instant attraction. Oh, and in case you didn't know, Red IS a boy. So back to his love...he met her, he romanced her, and then, he bought her!

And, like a true gentlemen, he decided to take her to a little dive bar called Edinburgh Castle.
It was a cute little place...not to packed, a pool table, and an excellent selection of brews!

And did I mention how much Red LOVES bathrooms in bars!? A lot.

As the night grew darker, and Red more and more nervous, he decided to go home. Tired from his long day, he wanted nothing more than to cuddle Teal Heel on the BART.
Then, to his dismay, noticed she was gone! He looked everywhere (i.e. his shopping bags) and she was lost! Luckily, the Cajun called said bar, and she was there! Oh, a lonely night without Teal Heel, wondering if he would ever see her again...

The next night, Red rushed out to SF, and to his luck, there was no traffic since he took his car, and rescued Teal Heel! He felt so complete, and then he took her to a little place called Pearl's Burgers (a very tastey dive!) and promised never to leave her again.

And now, Red and Teal are together at last...

Red Shoes goes a bit "GAGA"

December 13, 2009.

So, like the rest of the world, Red Shoes has gone a little "GAGA".
I was so excited when a friend had sent me the "secret" pre-sale code back in Sept for Lady Gaga tickets. I instantly bought two and counted down the days till december! I must say, Red went wild when she hit the stage! Here are some photos from that day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The History of Red Shoes, in a nutshell.

"Red Shoes" was a term a dear friend and I coined a few years back. We saw a hot guy wearing a nice suit and bright red shoes. We both instinctively yelled "red shoes!" at each other. And from then on, whenever we saw a "hot guy", we would say it. Time passed, and she moved to the bayou state of Louisiana. We would still text "red shoes" from time to time.
Then, one day, as I was in the mall, I happened upon a pair of "red shoes" of my own. Not a boy, but an actual pair. I of course purchased them and put them on right away. I instantly sent her a picture of them, and I was excited to have my own "adventures" with them. I would text a picture of them next to a flower, a bug, on the beach...anything really. I had planned to start this blog then, almost a year ago now. Red shoes have been with me, and I have documented some adventures here and there, and now, "The Adventures of Red Shoes" has been born.